Care Tips

Caring for your suit in the appropriate manner is the best way possible to ensure that it will not deteriorate in an untimely manner. To ensure long lasting swimwear quality we recommend:

  • Hand washing in fresh cold water as soon as possible after wearing.
  • Ideally, use a gentle hand soap that contains no moisturizers, or a gentle detergent specifically formulated for fabrics with a high spandex content.
  • Gently work the soapy water through the entire suit and make sure to rinse thoroughly in cold water until soap is gone.
  • Lay your suit flat to dry in the shade on a towel and use caution to never stretch out the fabric by hanging, which could cause stretching and wear to the delicate fabric. Make sure suit is completely dry before storing. It’s best to avoid the dryer since the heat can damage the shape and quality.
  • Do not wash suit in the washing machine, even on the delicate hand-wash cycle.
  • Limit exposure of sun cream, tanning cream and oils, or chlorine as these products can damage and discolor swimwear.
  • Be cautious of rough surfaces as this can cause pulling and snagging.
  • Do not iron, do not bleach.

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