Crochet fabrics – 10 amazing ideas to dress

10 great ideas to show off Crochet swimsuits

Crochet fabrics have many models available to decide on. Made to measure, for all sizes and all body types, here we are going to leave you ten perfect ideas to show off a beautiful crocheted swimsuit.

one piece or complete

This type of swimsuit has always been the option chosen when we want to vary our tan or, on the contrary, not expose so much skin to the sun. With crochet you can choose from a very large range of these models.

Women's one-piece swimsuits have been, contrary to belief, a fashion that has continued over time. Many women decide on these models, often for comfort and because it is a good garment to highlight feminine attributes.

Colorful crochet fabrics

Crocheting allows you to play with colors through the types of threads, we know that there are countless colors. Through Crochet you can get very colorful women's swimsuits, perfect to wear on a summer day, highlighting all skin tones.

Who doesn't like to wear more than one colored item of clothing? With the colorful models of crocheted swimsuits, you can do it. Whatever style you decide, combining it with different colors will make you shine in the summer.

Different types of patterns

Through crocheting you can obtain models that you will undoubtedly love because they will not be the same as the others. From a tight swimsuit to wearing loose fabrics that fall against the skin and allow you greater mobility.

Crocheted swimsuits allow those who make them to play with the models they will design. The same thing happens when you go to buy it, you choose the model that you consider unique and with a design that will look beautiful on your summer days.

Pastel shades

Pastel colors are always types of swimsuit models that attract more than one look when worn, in crochet style they look beautiful and fit perfectly to the woman's figure.

If you normally choose these shades, don't hesitate to buy a crochet swimsuit that is pastel in color. They will highlight your skin color and much more, the tan you will get from the sun.

Crochet bikinis

The bikini is a style that never goes out of fashion, which is why crochet fabric could not be left out when making swimsuits with this model. These models come with elastic material that guarantees the swimsuit will not move from its intended place.

A crochet bikini is a totally different type of swimsuit, it is possible that more than one look will fall on you , and in the best way! You will have a swimsuit that not everyone would dare to wear.

Undie Waist Models

This type of model has begun to be a boom due to how beautiful it looks on all bodies, it allows you to look more comfortable without wearing a complete piece.

The undie models in crochet, as well as in lycra, are made up to the high waist, covering most of the buttocks and legs. Perfect for a day at the pool.

Crocheted monochromes

Crochet swimsuits in monochromatic tones allow the creation of amazing combinations and designs to highlight all personalities. These models are delicate and very beautiful, they allow each swimsuit to be different depending on the occasion.

Monochrome swimsuits are all the rage for their eccentric designs, ideal for those summer days. They are perfect for all bodies and can be used on walks to the beach or hot days at the pool.


This style is specially designed to allow you to visualize and show off the details that are made with the crochet mode. It is usually in full pieces, but it can also be done in two-piece swimsuits.

Monokinis are that type of swimsuit that cannot be missing in your suitcase, you will look splendid in this garment.

Crochet in red

Having a red crochet swimsuit will undoubtedly be a good investment, no matter what skin tone you have. A good red swimsuit will always make you stand out from others.


The holidays are coming and you don't know what to wear at the beach or pool? You need to buy a trikini made of crochet, this fashion has positioned itself in the style of swimsuits for women. Trikinis are not only made of traditional lycra, crochet is here to stay.

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