Best Swimwear Stores

The best swimsuit stores in Mexico

Summer is approaching and you should know the best swimsuit stores to show off during these vacations. Do not despair, we are going to leave you the best options to acquire the best models and at the best cost.

Diosa Mar swimsuit store

A store that offers daring designs in women's swimsuits, men's sets and printed kimonos ideal for combining.

Through its website you can get all its available models, sizes and prices. Diosamar is a swimsuit store that will not offer you the same swimsuit twice.


Despite being a sports clothing store, Kleos offers a swimsuit section that is totally different from the traditional ones. If you are looking for something different and colorful, you should try to see what Kleos swimsuit stores have to offer.

Kleos has very fun designs, leaning towards pastel and floral tones, somewhat following the animal print fashion such as zebras and leopards.

Intrinsic swimsuit store

Following the rule of “garments for all bodies and all women” it is a swimsuit store for all tastes, you can find very neutral colors. As well as continuing a little with the animal print, allowing each design to stand out with different details.


Guided by two types of thoughts, Pacdesign designs women's swimwear and sportswear as well.

They have a collection inspired by freedom and natural elegance, specially designed to start showing off in 2021.

Valeria Anastasia Swimwear

It is a store that does not only offer swimsuits, but also works in home clothing and dresses. Valeria Anastasia Swimwear works with floral designs, a bit of fauna following butterfly designs and patterns full of many colors or using neutral tones.

Pau Román Swimwear & Couture

A swimsuit store much loved by all those who support sustainability, Pau Román makes swimsuits with environmentally compatible materials. Which will allow you to look beautiful and in line with nature.

Their swimsuits are very recognized because they like to work with the classic style, from the types of cuts to the color chart. They not only sell swimsuits, but also offer clothing ideal for the beach.

Marea Swimwear

A brand that identifies happiness with the waves of the sea, it is a swimsuit store that makes swimsuits, crochet skirts and other accessories ideal for vacations.

Marea swimwear has released an ideal collection for combining swimsuits between couples, which gives you the opportunity to wear your garment in the same color as your partner's. It also has a section for best friends, perfect for those inseparable sisters.

Spirit Swimwear swimsuit store

This brand was created by a Mexican influencer and its raison d'etre is to live a bikini life, indicating that its intention; is that women feel unreal wearing comfortable clothes on vacation.

Their models are available in Mexico City and outside its borders as well, in cities such as New York and Miami.

Swim Flamingo

Located in Monterrey, it is a swimsuit store known for its colorful garments inspired by the animal print style, such as zebras and tigers, without forgetting snakes and cheetahs.

Swim Flamingo not only offers swimsuits, it has a line of casual clothing accompanied by accessories and garments intended to be worn on the beach.


The swimsuit store is known for offering different and colorful models, turning a basic design into something full of colors. The fabulous thing about the Mysso store is the ease it offers customers to buy clothes separately.

When we talk about separate garments it is because many times the size of the top and the bikini are different, Mysso allows you to put together your ideal swimsuit with the most appropriate sizes for your figure.

Kaana Swimwear

It is a store specialized in making swimsuits and beach clothing by hand, following techniques such as macramé (knots through fabrics) in this way they obtain original designs on each garment.

This women's swimsuit store not only makes different types of swimsuits, they have beach clothing lines such as kimonos and sarongs. They also design swimsuits for the little ones in the house.

Jaguar Swim House

We are in the era of female empowerment, the motto of this women's swimsuit store for women, is intended to strengthen female support and power towards women. Swimsuits with impact and a message of power.

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