The best sexy swimsuits

Top 7 Sexy Swimsuits

Trinity II

The Trinity II model is one of the sexy swimsuits from the most recent and best-selling collection of the Diosa Mar store. It is a model that will enhance all your attributes, perfect for charming tans, intended for all skin types.

It is a triangular top-type swimsuit, held up with straps and a tiny bikini, available in different colors and prints. Very suitable for sunbathing and guaranteeing the best skin tone for the rest of the summer.

Cleo II - Sexy Swimsuits

Ideal for women with small breasts, the Cleo II is a sexy swimsuit perfect for the beach and pool. With this swimsuit model, more than one glance will fall on you, making you feel more daring.

The Cleo II model is one of the best-selling and sought-after swimsuits for women, with a V-shaped front cut, wide elastic band and little coverage, it is a type of swimsuit that can be used at the height of the hips or waist.

We love to diversify, that is why our models are always in constant evolution. You can find the Cleo II in different colors and prints, ideal for enjoying the summer.

Luciela Onepiece

Wearing sexy swimsuits does not mean showing more, we like to think that everything has to do with the woman's attitude and personality. To use a Luciela Onepiece you only need the attitude to wear it with confidence.

The Luciela Onepiece model is a one-piece swimsuit that highlights a woman's curves, allowing her to show off the design of the swimsuit through its colors and how they stand out with the figures of each woman.

It is a swimsuit that you can find in animal print tones and pastel colors, this way you can play with the colors and decide for which occasion to use each selected model.

Tini Bottom - Sexy Swimsuits

The Tini bottom is a small swimsuit model, with little fabric to cover, making it a sexy garment to wear on the beach. This swimsuit is recommended to buy one size larger than usual, because it is a small model.

Despite the type of fabric used and how it looks, it is not a swimsuit that can be used reversible. It has only one side for use, don't let this discourage you or become an impediment, it is a sexy swimsuit.

The Tini bottom is available in different shades and designs that adapt to the types of women's chest sizes. Although you can use any type of swimsuit, the ideal will always be the comfort that the garment generates and that it does not become uncomfortable.

Lala Onepiece

The era of one-piece swimsuits is back and to stay, which is why we decided not to be left behind in the trends. We have designed different one-piece models, perfect for framing your figure and making you feel good at the same time.

The Lala Onepiece model is a design that comes with a neckline at the back, allowing you to show the lower part of your back. Supported by a pair of straps, this type of swimsuit has become all the rage and one of the most sought after.

With its new high-waisted design on the legs, you can guarantee that if you are short, through this model you will have the feeling that you have longer legs. It is perfect for taking pictures and you have different colors and prints to choose the best one.


Has it ever happened to you that you see athletes and say that you don't like those swimsuits? Diosa Mar has a model called Marbella, especially aimed at those athletic women who need a swimsuit that does not move and keeps them comfortable.

It has full coverage and comes with fully adjustable straps, this way we guarantee that it does not move and allows the athlete greater mobility when exercising.

Maybe this type of model seems a little boring, but it has been proven that it looks great in sexy swimsuits, wide ribbons and electric colors make it perfect for summer and a game of volleyball.


Don't love one-piece swimsuits, they make you look sexy, confident and at the same time, perhaps a little modest, although this is not always the case.

The Raya model is phenomenal, with a V-shaped neck and openings on the sides, this swimsuit can be considered one of the sexiest designs you will find throughout your search.

Do you want to show off a perfect silhouette?

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