Bikinis – Complete Guide to Bikinis

Know everything there is to know about Bikinis

What is a Bikini?

Bikinis are known worldwide for being a feminine swimsuit item, it is believed that the word bikini is only used by women. However, according to different concepts, the bikini can be used as a mixed association for both ladies and gentlemen.

Without going too far into the formalities of the concepts, the bikini will forever be associated with the female swimsuit item. Beautiful to wear and with countless models designed for all tastes.

With the passage of time and the growth of fashion, bikinis have evolved for the better, resulting in models available for all types of women, tastes, colors and periods.

A bikini is not just the bottom part of the swimsuit, within the general definition of the bikini, the accompaniment of the bra is used. Thus allowing the concept to expand to what a female swimsuit or swimsuit really is.

What are Bikinis for?

Bikinis are a favorite garment for women and are ideal for summer days, afternoons at the pool or simply going on vacation.

This model of feminine garment is not only used for enjoyment on vacation, many athletes use bikinis when practicing a discipline where it is authorized; Be it beach volleyball or surfing, these are the best known.

As is well known, bikinis are responsible for protecting women's private parts and also providing them with a perfect tan. Bikinis have been the creation of the swimsuit fashion that has probably evolved the most.

Used for going to the beach, pool days, beach photo shoots, practicing sports, they have uses as the person decides. However, the main thing will always be the good enjoyment of a hot day on the beach that allows us to get a lovely tan.

Types of Bikinis

Bikinis are perfect for all bodies no matter what it is, what will matter is the comfort with which you wear it. Likewise, we have taken care of getting some of the types of bikinis, if you still don't know them, we invite you to continue reading.

Bikinis for big breasts

It can be a one-piece model or the traditional one that includes both parts, designed especially for women with great attributes. All with the aim of guaranteeing greater support and better comfort during the day of enjoyment.

They are commonly recognized for having cups or holders in the bra, this way you can be sure that they will not move anywhere and you will be looking fabulous on your vacation.

Bikini for small breasts

Many times getting a swimsuit that enhances the bust can be a challenge for women with small breasts. The important thing here is to create a little volume. The ideal bikinis for small breasts will be those that offer decorations on the chest, bangs, bows or with a very good print.

Bikini swimsuits for big hips

Ideal for women with pear-shaped figures . Hips that don't lie! We recommend that attention be diverted to the area of ​​the legs and hips. Therefore, simple, high-waisted and smooth bikinis are the best for you.

Bikini swimsuits for narrow hips

Like swimsuits, there are also different body types, we have read about small and large busts, wide hips and the same goes for narrow hips. A characteristic that can occur in figures with a not very defined waist.

Models such as trikinis with openings on the sides allow the appreciation of a little more curves in the body.

Two-piece swimsuits that have low-waisted bikinis, accompanied by ties or ribbons to give volume, can be a good option.

Bikinis curvy figure

If you are a woman with many curves and a slightly oval silhouette, you may be looking for a swimsuit in dark tones that give special shape to your beautiful figure.

Do you know the swimsuits with different shades on the sides? They are perfect for giving a long torso sensation. High-waisted bikinis are also perfect for highlighting these figures.

How to choose the perfect Bikini for the beach?

Summer is approaching and with it long hours of walks on the beach or naps on the pool loungers.

We know that choosing the perfect bikini can sometimes be a complicated task because there are many models, our recommendations; Choose the bikini in which you feel most comfortable, the color that best highlights your attributes.

Once you have everything you need, you can welcome summer.

Do you dream of a perfect tan?

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